Making Maine Work: Critical Investments for the Maine Economy

Making Maine Work: Critical Investments for the Maine Economy

2018 report from the Maine State Chamber of Commerce

From the Executive Summary:

“This Making Maine Work report is a collaboration of the Maine State
Chamber of Commerce, the Maine Development Foundation, and
Educate Maine. All three organizations are engaged in public-private
collaborations to improve the economic health and quality of life for
residents of Maine. This report is modeled on a similar Making Maine
Work report from 2010, which was done in anticipation of a new
administration in Augusta, as is the case again now.

The economic world that Maine inhabits in 2018 is far different than
that of 2010. Then, we were in the depths of a recession, and jobs were
hard to come by. Now, we are in the midst of an extended expansion,
and skilled workers are in demand. Then, taxes and regulatory
requirements were seen as impeding business investment. Now,
changing technologies and markets are viewed as the major challenges.
Responding to the new economic world, the recommendations in
this report are different. They include bold ideas about broadband
expansion, growing a skilled workforce, and controlling health care/
insurance costs. They are not the final say about these issues; rather, we
hope that they stimulate discussion, and possibly other bold ideas for
consideration. But most of all, they are a call to action. We believe strongly
that Maine cannot make continued economic progress without forceful
action on workforce development, broadband, and health care/insurance costs.

After reading this, we hope you agree. We are upbeat about Maine. Few places in the world have our combination of talent, resources, and natural beauty. If we can trust each other, if we can work together, there is no limit to Maine’s future.


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